History of Directories:

Directories are used to fetch websites online when there were no search engines are available like Google, Yahoo, Bing Etc. Due to the lack of getting relevant results for related search queries, directories have fallen down and at the same time, Search engines were becoming more popular. Since no one used directories to search websites online. But still, search engines give the best priority to the backlinks getting from directory submission sites.

Why do we use it

Directory submission is an off page technique used to build backlinks for your website and also drive some traffic. Directories are rarely crawled by search engines today as they are considered ‘thin sites’ with very less content. Though We Provide here High PR Directory submission sites list with Instant Approval. Still, we are updating our Sites list to let you easy to find so many Latest Directory submission sites which leads you directly to the submit page where you can save a lot of your valuable time.

How to do Directory Submissions

Till now we had discussed about the History & the importance of Direction submissions in SEO point of view. Now let’s look at how to do Submissions in Directory submission sites.

Steps to Follow in DIrectory Submissions

  1. Please find the Directory submission sites link in below table which is easy to find in our website rather than searching on the internet.
  2. Click on the Link and our site Backlinks4free.com will lead you to another window which leads you to the directly submit page.
  3. Here you will find the three different types of Categories
    i. Paid Listings
    ii. Reciprocal Links
    iii. Free Listings

A. Paid Listings:  Paid Directory submission is nothing but paying money to the Webmaster to get instant approval for your backlinks. You will get instant backlinks with this process. But According to Google’s Latest Algorithm doing paid submissions in these types of Paid Directory submission site will show a negative effect. Because Google wants to Boost your SEO Ranks based on how well you are doing in an Organic way.  So Never ever try to do with Paid submissions.

B. Reciprocal Links: Reciprocal links are nothing but Take and Give Policy.  That means you have to provide a backlink to the Directory Submission site from which you want to get a backlink from the website. Alternatively, they will Provide you a quick backlink once the Webmaster confirms that there is a link of his website on your website. You will get backlinks within a week through this process. But again this process makes a Non-relation ship links among your website to the No.of Reciprocal links websites. So Backlinks4free.com will never Encourage you to go ahead with the process.

C.Free Listings:  As mentioned in the title, here neither to pay or to give reciprocal links to webmasters. Here just you have to list out your website Details and your listings will be approved within 2/3 months. This Process will be Recommended by Google and Backlinks4free.com. This way may take too much time, But Eventually your SEO Ranks will bosst Easily.


S.NoWebsiteUpdatedLive Link
1http://www.one-sublime-directory.comAugust 2018http://www.one-sublime-directory.com
2http://www.prolink-directory.comAugust 2018http://www.prolink-directory.com
August 2018http://www.lifetimelinks.com
4http://omcommunication.netAugust 2018http://omcommunication.net/
5http://www.canadawebdir.comAugust 2018http://www.canadawebdir.com
6http://www.usawebsitesdirectory.comAugust 2018http://www.usawebsitesdirectory.com
7http://www.gvadirectory.comAugust 2018http://www.gvadirectory.com
August 2018http://www.mydannyseo.com
9http://www.directory5.orgAugust 2018http://www.directory5.org
10http://productselectoren.comAugust 2018http://productselectoren.com
11http://nodahan.comAugust 2018http://nodahan.com
12http://www.bestdirectory4you.comAugust 2018http://www.bestdirectory4you.com
13http://www.trafficdirectory.orgAugust 2018http://www.trafficdirectory.org
14http://ourss.orgAugust 2018http://ourss.org
15http://www.onlinesociety.orgAugust 2018http://www.onlinesociety.org
16http://www.unique-listing.comAugust 2018http://www.unique-listing.com
17http://www.hotcooldir.comAugust 2018http://www.hotcooldir.com
18http://www.royaldirectory.bizAugust 2018http://www.royaldirectory.biz
19http://www.excitedirectory.comAugust 2018http://www.excitedirectory.com
20http://www.1abc.orgAugust 2018http://www.1abc.org

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